Specialists in IT Support for Garden Centres

We have been supplying IT Support to Garden Centres for over 10 years now. We understand the seasonal nature of this business and it’s varying needs. We have two major Garden Centres as clients, we have assisted these clients in all the areas listed below.

Resilient Broadband Connection

We can set-up a robust and resilient broadband connection with built in redundancy. This is achieved through having two separate broadband connections at each location, so in the event of a problem with either then internet traffic still works through the other connection. We partner with two completely independent ISP (Internet Service Providers) to achieve this. So your tills will continue to authorise card payments in the event of problem.

PCI (Payment Card Industry)Compliance

We can ensure your data network is PCI Compliant thus keeping you secure and helping to keep down the cost of your payment card charges.

Wifi Access

We can set-up fast and secure wifi access access across your site both in and outdoors. With separate networks for EPos (Electronic Point of Sale) handheld devices, Phone Systems, Business devices, Customer Access, Business Concessions.

Data Cabling

As business needs change we can do the cabling infrastructure to fit this.

EPos System supply and maintenance

We can help maintain your existing EPos system. We can supply and install EPos equipment. We can liaise with your EPos system supplier. We have experience with major EPOs systems from Easitill, Corby & Fellas, and Davidson & Richards. We have assisted in migrating data from one Epos system to another on more than one occasion. We can help to keep your EPos cost’s down.

Proactive Support and Maintenance of Your Business Network and Servers

We can monitor and maintain all devices, servers and software on your network. So we can act quickly when problems occur and often prevent problems from happening. Ensure that antivirus protection is up to date.Thus reducing costly downtime.

Network Design and Implementation

We can design your network to meet the needs of your business. From an application server for your EPos system, Email server, and a File server. These servers can be onsite or in the cloud or even a mixture. It can be set-up so there is no single point of failure.

Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery

We can design and implement a plan with both onsite and offsite recovery. Again reducing costly downtimes.

CCTV and Security Systems

We can install, maintain and support CCTV systems. Modern CCTV systems now integrate into a business data network. Here at Scarson we have the experience to integrate existing analogue CCTV systems in to a new digital system. Digital systems have the benefit of live view and recording on your data network and also remote control and viewing through the internet and on mobile devices. We partner with both Axis Communications and ICatcher CCTV. Click here to visit our CCTV web page with live feed from our Car Park.
We also have experience of installing door entry systems with Fingerprint or Facial Recognition control.

Website Design, Hosting and Support

We can design, host and support your website. Our websites are implemented using WordPress. Our own site is designed, built and hosted by ourselves using WordPress. A recent project involved us in adding a live CCTV feed for a BirdBox onto a client’s website. Click here to view.

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