CCTV and Security Systems

Modern CCTV systems now integrate into a business data network. Here at Scarson we have the experience to integrate existing analogue CCTV systems in to a new digital system. Digital systems have the benefit of live view and recording on your data network and also remote control and viewing through the internet and on mobile devices. We partner with both Axis Communications and ICatcher CCTV.

Axis Communications is a leading company developing security and surveillance solutions and products. and ICatcher CCTV is management software for CCTV and surveillance systems. At Scarson we have supplied our clients with solutions using these products. Using ICatcher has allowed us to also integrate existing analogue CCTV systems into a new digital system.

We use ICatcher ourselves at our office. See below a live ICatcher CCTV feed from the Scarson car park using a Foscam HD IP Camera. If you have Java installed to view please set Java security to allow