Recent Projects

Listed below are projects recently undertaken for clients.

Fingerprint door entry system for a child’s nursery.

Integrate a live feed from a CCTV camera in a bird nest box onto a website for a garden centre client.

Add a new VLAN (virtual network) and Wifi for a Barbers Concession at a garden centre client using existing hardware and internet connections. This enables the client to charge the concession for the service.

Configure a new router for a Pet Shop client. To allow remote access to CCTV system, EPos sytem and data server.

Procure and project manage a Fibre leased line for a garden centre client. Previously this client only had a slow ADSL broadband connection which was inadequate for it’s needs. The new leased line is at 100mbps and is future proof as can be turned up to 1gbps. The client has also been able to offset some of the cost by allowing concessions to use the connection for a charge.

Restore from backup a data and file server where the hard drive had failed for a firm of surveyors. The server system and backup was originally supplied by Scarson four years previously.

Design and install a wifi system for two separate garden centres. With coverage both inside and outdoors across the whole site.

Design and install a new data network for a garden centre client. With a 10gbps fibre backbone around the site.

Design and install virtualised server systems for two separate garden centre clients. This gives a much more resilient service. If a physical server fails then services and simply be loaded on remaining working servers.